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Who we are and what we do.

We are currently experiencing the fourth industrial revolution: the radical breakthrough of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken digitalization to a new level. This requires a new sparring partner – and that’s us! As the first AI agency in the sports and entertainment business, we support our clients along the entire value chain in the field of artificial intelligence: starting with the right data and AI strategy, through the development of AI models and their use, to training & further education in the field of AI.


Data and AI strategy.

The path to a successful AI transformation is inevitable if you want to stay competitive in the future. We guide you towards your data driven future: From assessment of the current data situation, via the definition of your long-term data & AI goals to a specific plan of action.


AI model development.

AI and Machine Learning offer a multitude of valuable applications in business - also in yours. We are here to help you develop an individual AI and Machine Learning solution that creates value for your business. Together, we create an AI solution that is implemented into your infrastructure.


AI workshops and training.

Your and your team's AI know-how is crucial for a successful future. This is where we come in. Our AI training modules and workshops, both basic and advanced, offer the right program for all levels.

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What AI can do for you.

Artificial intelligence is the biggest megatrend of our time. But what can it do for you and your sports business? Some examples.


Predict revenue, sales or other time-varying KPIs to improve your processes.

Fan Analytics

Automatically analyze fan behavior, sentiment or other fan-relevant metrics.

Brand Analytics

Understand the perception of your sports brand among fans and customers using AI.

Dynamic Pricing

Set prices of merch and tickets according to fan demand and optimize revenue and margin.

Up- and Cross-Selling

Predict future demands of fans and customers and optimize your merchandizing.

Process Automation

Improve and optimize internal processes using AI and automation mechanisms.

Great people. Your data. Amazing results.

The story behind ONEZERO X.

ONEZERO X is a joint-venture between ONE8Y and STATWORX. We combine exhaustive sports and entertainment industry know how together with cutting-edge AI and machine learning skills.

Amazing things you didn't know about data & AI

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